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Gary Tanguay Biography

Gary Tanguay is a sports reporter, anchor, and actor. Currently, he is a co-host on NBC Sports Boston and also writes for several publications. She was born on the 25th of May 1964 in Rumford, Maine. He has one sibling, a sister named Marie. Gary’s mother, Bertha passed away in 2000 & his father lives in Gary’s hometown.

Gary Tanguay Age

Gary was born on may 25th ,1966 in Rumford Maine .

Gary Tanguay family

he grew up in a small town called fryebug,near rumsford, he has one sibling ,a sister named marie.garys mother ,bertha passed away in 2000 and his father lives in garys hometown.

Gary Tanguay Wife

He married his wife, Randi, in 1998. He has a wonderful wife. The Pierce thing will be tough. I kind of look at it like Paul is just on loan to Brooklyn for a little bit. In An Intervie he says
“I have a wife, who is nine years younger than me, but is much more mature than me. She is smarter than me and she is awesome.

Gary Tanguay
Gary Tanguay

Gary Tanguay kids

Tanguay and his wife Randi have three children — daughters Harper (18) and August (9) and a son, 15-year-old Van.

Gary Tanguay Height

This information will be updated soon

Gary Tanguay Net Worth

He has an Estimated Networth of $11 Million. Most of his wealth is garnered from his Journalist Career.

Gary Tanguay Salary

On April 22, 2019, Gary Tanguay announced that he is battling Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.He hosts Arbella Early Edition, seen weeknights at 6:00 p.m.. Tanguay served as NBC Sports Boston’s Celtics Pre and Post Game Live host from 2008 to 2013 and his work on the network’s Celtics telecasts began in the 1990s when he joined the then FSN New England.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (also known as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, NHL, or sometimes just lymphoma) is cancer that starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes, which are part of the body’s immune system.

Gary Tanguay Boston

NBC Sports Boston anchor Gary Tanguay announced during a short video clip on Twitter Monday morning that he is battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Tanguay, a longtime Boston sports media personality who has been at NBC Sports Boston in its various incarnations for 18 years, revealed his diagnosis with an optimistic and wry tone with a 48-second clip posted shortly past 11 a.m.
Here is the transcript:

“Big sports news day here in New England as the Bruins survive, the Red Sox seem to be turning it around, and the Celtics are thriving.

“I wanted to share some personal news of my own with you, that I have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. So my appearance is going to be changing. I have the hat on now because my hair is almost all gone. The next time I am on TV, it will be completely gone, so I just want to give you a little warning.

“I’m under great care at Brigham and Women’s [hospital] and also Dana-Farber. My cancer is treatable and I consider myself to be very, very lucky.

“I look forward to hearing your thoughts and critiques, and I’m sure you won’t let up about my cockamamie predictions on Twitter. So thanks again guys, and hopefully our teams will keep it going.”

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a blood cancer considered to be one of the more treatable forms of cancer if detected early.

Gary Tanguay Chappaquiddick

“Chappaquiddick” is a study of arrogance, of power and influence, wielded corruptly to cast facts into doubt.

All to save someone’s political skin.

That’s a story as old as time, of course, but obviously in this case the someone is the late Edward Kennedy, or Teddy, the last in the line of sons that Joe Kennedy Sr. groomed for the presidency. Oldest brother Joe Jr. died in a plane crash. John achieved the presidency only to be assassinated, as was Robert during the course of his own campaign.

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On the way he drives off a bridge. The car submerges. He escapes; Kopechne does not, and drowns. Kennedy won’t report the accident for 10 hours.

That’s when the clock really starts.

Gary Tanguay Rumford Maine

This news really hits home with us here at the Blimp. Our good friend and sportscasterTanguay took to Twitter with a video this week to share some difficult news with his fans. He has recently been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Gary, of course, touches on some New England sports and then eloquently explains what is going on with his health.
In this clip, he assures us with his golden voice that he is getting great care. Gary also wants us to have the heads up about his hair loss. He says that when we see him on NBC Sports Boston TV next time, “it will be completely gone.

Gary was a frequent guest on the WBLM Morning Show with the Captain and Celeste doing Patriots reports on Fridays a few years back. This was when he was the host of Pats Preview on the New England Patriots Radio Network.

When he was on with the Captain and Celeste, Gary often proudly mentioned that he was born in Rumford and grew up rocking with the Blimp.We are sending all our healing love and light to Gary from his home state.

Gary Tanguay Sports Hub

Word from 98.5 The Sports Hub is that midday man  Tanguay was unceremoniously axed because the CBS suits were unhappy with the show’s ratings and Tanguay’s “connection with the audience.”

Yesterday, Gary’s seat was filled by bombastic blatherer Andy Gresh, who was jawing about jocks with co-host Scott Zolak – just like the duo did in Providence before the plug was pulled on them last year.

Sports Hub program director Mike Thomas offered up that the ratings for “Tanguay & Zo” had been “underperforming the rest of the station since we launched.”

Word from inside the station is that Gary was hauled into the boss’s office post-show on Friday and told that the CBS brass “didn’t like the sound of the show” and that “there wasn’t a connection with the audience.”

And for some reason, that was Gary’s fault.

So, Tanguay, who also toils at Comcast SportsNet, was sent packing for a five-month paid hiatus from radio, although management said he could stick around in “some capacity.”

We’re told Tanguay declined the station’s offer, but insiders seemed confident yesterday he’ll remain with the CBS Radio Group .

Which brings us to the New England Patriots .

For the past five years, Gary has hosted the team’s pregame and postgame radio shows on the late WBCN-FM, and then last year on the Sports Hub. Tanguay is said to be a fave of team titan Jonathan Kraft, so he may still have a shot. But would he co-host with Gresh and Zo???? So many questions .

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