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Izzy Stannard Biography

Izzy Stannard is an American actor best known for Good Girls in 2018, Brad’s Status in 2017, and Party Dress in 2017.

He appeared his acting profession from the 2017 short film ‘Gathering Dress’ in which he showed up as Harper Klein. Around the same time, he depicted the job of Tween One in Brad’s ‘Status’.

He gave his voice of Child Carl on ‘Star Stuff: The Story of Carl Sagan’ in 2015. He showed up as Sadie Marks, a little girl of Mae Whitman’s character in the wrongdoing dramatization TV arrangement, ‘Great Girls’, close by Mae Whitman, Reno Wilson, Christina Hendricks, and some more.

Izzy Stannard Age 

He was born on October 1, 2004, in New York City, NY.  Stannard is 19 years old as of 2023. He celebrates his birthday on October 1 every year.

Izzy Stannard Education

He joined the Professional Performing Arts School where he also trained in voice and dance.

Izzy Stannard Body Measurements

Height: 5 feet and 3 inches (160cm) (estimated)

Weight: 40 kg (90lbs) (estimated)

Body Measurements: N/A

Weight: N/A

Izzy Stannard Parents 

His parents are not known. He lives with his family in New York City. It is not known whether he has siblings or not.

Izzy Stannard
Izzy Stannard

Izzy Stannard Gender

He is transgender, he identifies himself as male and uses he/him pronouns.

Izzy Stannard Good Girls

He was cast as Sadie Marks, the daughter of Mae Whitman’s character Annie in the Netflix drama Good Girls

Izzy Stannard Party Dress

He played the lead role in the short film “Party Dress.

Annie’s Daughter On ‘Good Girls’ Is Exploring Her Gender Identity & It’s A Pleasant Surprise

Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta star as Beth, Annie, and Ruby in NBC’s new series Good Girls. But the premiere episode proves there’s another character in the cast who deserves your attention. Annie’s daughter Sadie on Good Girls (played by newcomer Izzy Stannard) is figuring out her gender identity, and it’s going to be interesting to see how her character develops as the series progresses.

Sadie isn’t identified as being transgender or non-binary and her parents refer to her using female pronouns (following their lead, this article will also use female pronouns for the character). But Sadie dresses in clothes that are traditionally associated with males.

As her mom says, she “enjoys a jaunty bowtie.” But while Annie is supportive of Sadie, Sadie’s father Greg — who is Annie’s ex — thinks that their daughter needs therapy. “She doesn’t need therapy, she’s figuring out who she is,” Annie says in fierce defense of Sadie.

Izzy Stannard Tv Shows

From this brief scene in the pilot, Greg’s stance seems more from wanting his kid to be accepted and not bullied rather than intolerance. But it still goes to show that Annie is the far more accepting parent despite her other flaws. That fact will continue to be important to the plot as Greg plans to sue Annie for custody of Sadie, who they had when they were teenagers.

Only a handful of TV shows — like Degrassi, The Fosters, and Glee — have depicted teenagers figuring out their gender identities, and in all those cases, the characters were trans. But Good Girls so far hasn’t explained how Sadie chooses to identify — and perhaps Sadie does not yet know herself. But how Sadie identifies isn’t really the point.

Instead, it’s that Sadie shouldn’t be forced into one identity or another — and it’s incredibly refreshing to see that her mom respects that and trusts her judgment.

“Now that her kid’s old enough to be taking care of herself, Annie’s having to face all of her decisions and face herself as a person, not just as a mom,” Whitman told Channel Guide Magazine. “It’s fun to see that switch, that whenever Sadie needs something, Annie really flips it on and becomes way responsible and strong.” So Annie will most likely continue to be a strong advocate for Sadie.

Izzy Stannard Net Worth

He is making his fortune from his acting career. Stannard earns an average salary of around $50-$100 per hour. He has an estimated net worth of about $50,000

Izzy Stannard Twitter

Izzy Stannard Movies And Tv Shows

» Good Girls – 2018
» Party Dress – 2017
» Brad’s Status – 2017
» StarStuff: The Story of Carl Sagan – 2015

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