Roland Emmerich Biography, Age, Family, Gay, Husband And Net Worth.

Roland Emmerich Biography

Roland Emmerich is a German film director, screenwriter, and producer, widely known for his disaster films. He is a collector of art and an active campaigner for the LGBT community and is openly gay. Additionally, he is also a campaigner for awareness of global warming and human rights. His films, most of which are English-language Hollywood productions, have made more than $3 billion worldwide. Including just over $1 billion in the United States, making him the country’s 11th-highest-grossing director of all time. 

He began his work in the film industry by directing the film The Noah’s Ark Principle (1984) as part of his university thesis and also co-founded Centropolis Entertainment in 1985 with his sister.

Roland Emmerich Age

Roland Emmerich was born in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany on November 10, 1955. 

Roland Emmerich Family

Emmerich was born in Stuttgart, West Germany, and grew up in the nearby town of Sindelfingen. In his youth, he traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America on vacations financed by his father, Hans, the wealthy founder of a garden machinery production company.

In 1977, he began studying at the University of Television and Film Munich with the intention of studying to become a production designer. After watching Star Wars, he instead decided to enroll in the school’s film director program. Required to create a short film as his final thesis in 1981, he wrote and directed the full-length feature The Noah’s Ark Principle, which was screened as the opening film of the 34th Berlin International Film Festival in 1984.

Roland Emmerich
Roland Emmerich

Roland Emmerich Husband

Emmerich is a married man. He is married to Omar De Soto. They met in Los Angeles in 2009 and got married in 2017. He is openly gay, and a financial supporter of U.S. progressive politics.

Emmerich owns homes in Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Stuttgart. He decorates his homes in a self-described “outlandish” manner, adorning them with rare Hollywood memorabilia, murals, and portraits of dictators and Communist figures, and World War II militaria.

He has an extensive collection of artwork including a painting of Jesus Christ wearing a Katharine Hamnett-styled T-shirt during his crucifixion. Also, prints of Alison Jackson’s works of a Princess Diana lookalike making obscene gestures and engaging in sex acts, a wax sculpture of Pope John Paul II laughing as he reads his own obituary and a Photoshopped image of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a homoerotic pose. Emmerich, who is openly gay, and a financial supporter of U.S. progressive politics, states that the decorations and pieces are not declarations of any beliefs, but rather reflections of his “predilection for art with a political edge”.

Emmerich is in favor of the campaign for stunt performers to receive recognition at the Academy Awards and has worked to raise awareness over the issue of global warming. He once was a chain-smoker who was known to smoke as many as four packs of cigarettes a day. He has often included in his film characters who are trying to quit smoking or warn against the dangers of tobacco use. Along with several other celebrities, he is a producer of The 1 Second Film, a non-profit project intended to raise money for women’s rights in the developing world.

Roland Emmerich kids

There is no information regarding his children.

Roland Emmerich Height

Height: 5′ 11″ (1.8 m

Roland Emmerich Career

In his early career, in 1985, he founded Centropolis Film Productions (now Centropolis Entertainment). He partnered with his sister, producer Ute Emmerich, and directed his major film debut, a fantasy feature named Joey. He subsequently directed the 1987 comedy Hollywood-Monster and the 1990 science-fiction film Moon 44.

Theatrically, these were only released in and nearby his native country, although Emmerich filmed them in English and went against conventional German styles in an attempt to appeal to a larger market. This subsequently resulted in Moon 44 being released direct-to-video in the U.S. in early 1991. Joey and Hollywood-Monster eventually also saw home video releases in the U.S. (as Making Contact and Ghost Chase, respectively) once he achieved more prominence in America.

Roland Emmerich Net Worth

Roland is a director, film producer, and screenwriter who has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

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